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The Professional Engineering Approach

A Professional Engineer is the only designation used in the home inspection industry regulated by the state government to assure proper education, training and experience to serve the public. A Professional Engineer must have an engineering degree, at least four years of professional engineering experience, and 16 hours of successful completion of a state board administered examination.

The code of ethics for Professional Engineers requires them to avoid conflicts of interest. This prohibits them from being involved in any real estate transaction that could benefit them financially as a result of their inspection work. A Professional engineer also insures complete confidentiality.

All Craine Engineering Consultants inspections are conducted by a Registered Professional Engineer specially trained in home analysis, with a strong electrical, mechanical and building maintenance background. Our inspections also follow nationally accepted standards for the industry set by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

A Professional Engineer can recognize signs of hidden problems. Because the inspection is based on only visible evidence, our experience and training in interpreting this evidence is invaluable in locating any unseen defects.

An Educational Experience

A home inspection by Craine Engineering Consultants can be very educational. You want to identify any existing or possible future problems that will require planning and budgeting for repairs over the next several years. We will provide you with information needed to evaluate your real estate purchase, as well as general operating information about the building and site.

Our service includes an onsite verbal report in which we communicate clearly major components from basement to roof, including recommendations, energy saving tips, and basic maintenance information. We encourage the customer to come along and ask questions. We will show you how your house works. This is followed by a thorough written report, prepared specifically for your home or building. Customers are welcome to call back for follow-up information or additional questions.

The Inspection

The Craine Engineering inspection covers a 300 plus point checklist. The following are among the items covered:

Basement condition
Condition of foundation, columns, beams and floor joist
Heating and air conditioning units
Drainage around building, garage, driveways, gutters and downspouts, etc.
Eveidence of damage from wood infesting insects or dry rot
The electrical system and capabilities
Condition of doors, windows and hardware
Condition of ceilings, walls, floors
Plumbing facilities
Building exterior
Ventilation of attic and crawl spaces

Additional Services

  • On-site inspections during construction to confirm good building practices and conformity to specifications
  • Multi-family building and site inspection
  • Partial inspections
  • Consulting engineering services to the homeowner, condominium buyer, and commercial investor