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Customer Comments

Below are comments from previous customers. If you have comments you would like to share, feel free to e-mail them to us at cechomeinspect@aol.com.

"Hire Craig! He did 2 home inspections for me. The first home had major defects that a previous (Realtor provided) inspector missed! ... I feel that it helped that Craig is a licensed structural P.E. (professional engineer) in spotting those defects. Based on items uncovered during the first home inspection, I decided to pass on that property and had a different one inspected."

"Craig was very prompt (more prompt than I was). By the time I arrived at the house (about 10 minutes late), he had already been up on the roof and inspected the shingles, gutters, and chimney. I was very impressed with Craig's professionalism and his depth of knowledge about all the building materials, structural components, appliances, etc. He provided a very detailed and organized inspection which seemed more like a free seminar on home maintenance than a home inspection. Compared with other companies I've used, Craig's was much more thorough (for instance, rather than just telling me that I should check the drainage from the downspouts to the street, he actually got up on the roof with a hose and flushed water through the drainage pipes to test for blockage). Without coming across as too negative or opinionated, Craig pointed out several major issues with the house, including mold in the attic, warping of the roof, and some cracking in the chimney. ... our Realtor suggested we use a different company for the inspection of our house that we're purchasing now. Although the other company did a fine job and didn't turn up any big problems. I wish we had used Craine instead. The education you get from Craig about your house is worth the price of the inspection."

"Incredible detail. Craig is thorough and careful. He inspected every nook and cranny of this house. I was completely satisfied."

"Craig Carson did a thorough review of a condo that we wanted to purchase. His inspection was outstanding and highly detail oriented to all aspects of the building. ... Craig did not leave a stone unturned. Another extraordinarily attractive feature of his inspection was that he educates his customer (Me) about all aspects of safe use and care of all house parts inside and out. Craig was very knowledgeable and communicated technical data in a very understandable manner. My need for the report was immediate and he delivered on time. I would highly recommend Craig's inspection capability and I would also recommend that you walk with him as he does the inspection. It was very informative."

"I was very happy with the inspection, the detail provided and his willingness to answer all questions. In the end we did not purchase the house because significant structural issues were discovered and the seller was not willing to repair them. Without such a thorough inspection and report we would not have known about the issues."